For Google and Facebook Calendars
Simplify your calendar.
Plan to do more.

Take Control of Your Schedule

Canary integrates your Google and Facebook calendars with a simple event scheduler to give you complete control over your calendar. Our mobile specific design makes it easy for you to actively manage all your calendars, wherever you are. Canary is a calendar that lets you do more.

Focus on what is important, now

Scheduling, Now as Simple as Selecting Free Time

Scheduling often involves playing email tag with people. Even deciding the where and when of grabbing coffee can be a pain. With Canary's Scheduler, you can propose multiple times to meet and send an invitation to a guest—in seconds. Your guest chooses the time that works best, and Canary schedules it on both calendars. It's that simple.

Simple scheduling

You type, Canary understands.

Natural language processing lets you quickly capture the who, what, when, and where of every meeting directly from your text descriptions and automatically sends invitations to your attendees. It even captures repeating events.

Easily type to create

Event management at your fingertips

Simply swipe an event to edit notes, invitations, or your response status. You can also set as many custom-text reminders as you'd like. Canary helps you visually identify and resolve conflicts, and work through your invitations quickly.

Swipe to see shortcuts